Abortion Facts (from our Northern Colorado friends)


– Planned Parenthood aborts one baby every 96 seconds.
– Almost 1.4 million abortions are performed in the United States alone each year. Each abortion costs approximately $300.00, roughly $420M a year. This push for high volume and quick turnover ensures an increasing and profitable business; Planned Parenthood dispenses low dose birth control and low grade condoms at low / no costs to customers to guarantee untended pregnancies and potential abortions, http://abortionabout.com/abortionmovement.html.
– Planned Parenthood does not volunteer their services or facilities to support low income women as reflected in their $1B in revenues each year.
– The connection between breast cancer and birth control, caused by high levels of chemical estrogen, is downplayed by Planned Parenthood and ignored by major mainstream media. http://breastcancer.about.com/b/2010/01/08/abortion-birth-control-pills.htm.
– Planned Parenthood receives $11 every second in taxpayer dollars. In 2010, Planned Parenthood received $363M in federally funded taxpayer dollars. In fiscal year 2008, Planned Parenthood reported $1.038B in revenues. In addition, 34% of Planned Parenthood revenues came from taxpayers.
– Planned Parenthood saw 335,838 pregnant women in 2008; performed 324,008 abortions (96%), 2,405 (1%) adoptions, and prenatal care to 9,433 (3%).
– As all doctors know and all biology books teach, a baby’s individual DNA can be determined at conception; at 18 days a baby’s heart begins to beat; at 43 days, brain coordinates movements; at 8 weeks all organs are functioning; at 9 weeks, each baby has permanent and individual fingerprints; at 10 weeks, each baby has a sense of touch , comfort and pain; at 12 weeks, a baby can smile, suck his/her thumb, and make a fist.
– Over 2 million couples wait to adopt babies, including children of all races and those with special needs.
– They receive more than one third of their billion-dollar budget from taxpayer subsidies. And, despite being legally registered as a “non-profit” entity, Planned Parenthood reported $63 million in profits in their last annual report.
– In their latest annual report for 2008-2009, Planned Parenthood has outlined a legislative agenda to ensure that abortion is considered as “health care,” deny conscience protection to health care workers, and to increase the taxpayer funded grants.
– All Planned Parenthood funding is interchangeable; their clinics and affiliates pay dues to Planned Parenthood national, and all monies received by clinics all goes into one pot at the end of the day.
– In 2008, significant Planned Parenthood funds went to The Planned Parenthood Action Fund. This is the corporation’s “nonpartisan advocacy and political arm” that endorsed and mobilized for pro-abortion candidates up and down the ballot in that election year.
– Planned Parenthood’s cash grants through their Action Fund include the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health ($30,000) and Advocates for Youth ($15,284) a group promoting pre- teen sex education.
– Planned Parenthood spent $3,153,843 on overseas activities, the bulk of it devoted to the African region, where the group lists three offices and 14 employees or agents.
– Rape and incest count for less than 1% of all abortions.
– Nearly 7,000 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are scattered throughout the country and provide even more free assistance to underprivileged people than Planned Parenthood, which has only has 800 clinics nationally and turn people away if they can’t pay.
– Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) offer everything that Planned Parenthood does, except abortions. They offer annual exams, STD testing, all birth control methods. They also provide many services Planned Parenthood does not offer including vaccinations, x-rays, vision, dental, prenatal care and primary care to all members of the family.
– By 2011, Planned Parenthood is forcing every one of its 99 affiliates throughout the country to offer abortions by at least one of its clinics.

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