40 Days for Life

Starting on September 28th and running for 40 days, until 11/06/2011, will be the annual “40 Days for Life” event. This is a time of prayer and fasting for the end of abortion around the world. All Nations, Denominations and Fellowships of believers will come together in agreement for God to stop the killing of innocent babies.
Locally, we are looking for volunteers to pray and fast with us. 40 days is a long time so we would like everyone to pray daily if possible and fast sometime during the event. What we are specifically looking for are individuals that we can assign a day to fast and pray and join with others to do so. For example, if your assigned day is October 18th, you would fast that day and ask your friends to pray for/with you. If possible, it would be great to then gather with your friends to pray that evening for the ending of abortion.
Please pray about being one of the 40 that desire to see God use their life and contact Mike McFarlane with your availability. The sooner we can get a list of interested people the sooner we can assign days (and swap days if needed) so we can get our friends and family to pray with us on our specific date.
You can contact Mike via email at macjehu@gmail.com or by phone at 970-270-3205.

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