Horrors in the Health Care Bill


Susan Boyce – Horrors in the Health Care

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

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Face of Pro-Life #80 – Susan Boyce ( 29min)
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Ave Maria!

Susan Boyce outlines the hidden horrors of the latest National Health
Care Bill, HR 3590. She covers the fact that 1000 pages have been added
to the bill just since the summer. Now is 2074 pages, 2.5 trillion cost
over ten years,  mandatory visitation of government officials to your
homes, massive increase in family health care costs in very high taxes.
For all US employees an abortion premium will be charged that goes
diectly to the procurement of abortions. Also the head of Health and
Human Services, currently pro-abortion Kathleen Sabelius, will have carte
powers to make changes to the plan with no recourse for
the people to protest. Rationing by denial of care to long term or
elderly patients, realtime access to bank accounts in, requirements to.
Why, based on Catholic measures, the whole thing needs to be scrapped
because of its neglect of Catholic principles of whether the Stupac
Amendment is added or not and how the Catholic bishops and the USCCB are
the only ones that can make this happen. National ID Card.

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