Nevada Constitutional Amendment to clarify what a “person” is

Personhood Nevada comments on the historic civil rights initiative to amend the Constitution of the State of Nevada, the proposed Amendment reading simply as follows:
In the great state of Nevada, the term ‘person’ applies to every human being.

Olaf Vancura, PhD, President of Personhood Nevada, stated “The right to live is a God-given, fundamental civil right. It is not a right to be bestowed upon Americans by our government. We must not and cannot allow the denial of personhood to anyone, no matter their age or physical condition. Absent government leadership in protecting our most vulnerable persons, we the people are acting to ensure equality for all.”

On the legal challenge, Vancura commented, “The abortion lobby’s attacks on this initiative are absurd. They attempt to confuse a very simple issue. The proposed Amendment is easy to understand – such that even a child could explain it to an attorney. Moreover, Nevadans have their 1st Amendment Constitutional right to vote upon this Amendment.” [source]

Any child would support this amendment because it is only stating an obvious point: That a “human being” is a person. It’s sad that we need to even state something so obvious. But unfortunately, the twisting of the laws in this country to allow legalized abortion revolves around the purposeful obfuscation of the definition of a person. Science is clear that every abortion ends the life of a human being. There is no question about it. So they hide behind semantic ignorance for a cheap and convenient justification to support the killing of tiny human beings. An amendment like this clears up the legal wiggle room making it clear that, yes, a human being is a person.

If anything, the burden of proof would lie with those wishing to make the case that a human being in the womb is not a person.  We’re talking about human life here.  If you can’t make the case as to why human beings in the womb are not persons then you have at least the moral obligation to assume they are persons.  And to date, there is no good case for why every human being is not also a person.

All that said, this toil over whether or not a person is a human being or a human being is a person is simply a civil legality.  It’s an important legality because millions of human lives hang in the balance.  But on a personal level (pardon the pun) “personhood” is a distraction from the real issue.  We have an obligation to respect the dignity of all human life.  Period.  A new, individual human life begins at fertilization (conception).  Period.  Purposefully endangering or directly killing that human life is immoral.  Period.  Arguments about “personhood” or viability or twinning or happiness or the environment or overpopulation or size or ability or laws or privacy or whatever all serve to unnecessarily complicate a very straight-forward moral issue.  Please don’t hide behind that.

This simple, 14 word statement in Nevada is an amendment that, if taken by itself, would surely pass without hesitation. But since so many abortion supporters understand the consequences of legally recognizing this simple fact (that a human being is a person), it likely won’t pass. But we’ll keep trying. And one day people’s consciences will catch up to them.

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