Colorado Voters Reject Amendment 48

On November 4, 2008, Colorado voters rejected Amendment 48, as the following AP News article reports:

"DENVER (AP) – Colorado voters on Tuesday soundly defeated a measure that would have defined life as beginning at conception, which would have been the first of its kind in the nation.

The proposed amendment would have said a person was "any human being from the moment of fertilization." With 38 percent of the vote counted, the measure was losing 74-26 percent.

It was spearheaded by a 21-year-old student who said her only goal was to define when human life begins. Any additional discussion would have been up to lawmakers.

Opponents contended it could be used to outlaw abortion, fertility treatments which can require the disposal of fertilized eggs and some forms of contraception.

Voters across all age groups and majorities of both men and women opposed the measure, according to an Associated Press poll of voters over the past week. Republicans and white evangelical voters showed the most support for it.

Laura Koke, a 26-year-old unaffiliated voter from Denver said it was one of the issues that drew her to the polls so she could vote against it. "I’m pro-choice. I think it creates a slippery slope. I wouldn’t want my reproductive rights taken from me," said Koke, a contract manager for a consulting firm.

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However, Personhood USA and Keith Mason are planning continue their efforts:
Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Colorado Personhood Momentum expands to the National Scene

11/5/08 Denver, Co. The first campaign to affirm the personhood of pre-born children in US history has now come to an end, but supporters and organizers are looking to spread grassroots personhood amendments to several other States.

The Colorado Personhood Amendment was defeated at the ballot box but organizers knew the victory had already been had in pioneering the State by State Personhood effort.

"We may not have captured the majority of the votes, but we have caused over half a million people to think and act pro-life by boldly addressing the core of the issue," said Danielle Jock, Volunteer for Amendment 48A new pro-life organization, Personhood USA, plans to assist local pro-life groups in different states to put personhood amendments on their states ballot by using the petition process.

The 17 States that allow citizens to place constitutional amendments on ballots will be the target states. Personhood USA will also help with opinion petitions to encourage politicians to run personhood amendments in other states. During the Colorado Personhood campaign, organizers were contacted by individuals in many different states with excitement and the desire to start personhood efforts in their own state.

"Praise Jesus! The pro-life tide is rising in America, now is the time for the entire pro-life movement to turn the focus off from permitting murder but attempting to ‘regulate’ it, to pushing for the recognition of the God given right to life for all innocent persons. Persons are humans beings from the moment of fertilization." Cal Zastrow, Co-Founder of Personhood USA

During the Colorado Personhood campaign, Gerard Wilberforce, Great great grandson of human rights champion William Wilberforce, endorsed the personhood effort and said "that is just the way William would have done it."

"Personhood USA will emulate the steadfastness of William Wilberforce, in that we will continue to advocate for the preborn regardless of polls or winning or losing elections. If we fail to get enough votes to affirm personhood, we will use it as a baseline and try again, educating while we do, and keep trying until we succeed!" commented Keith Mason, one of the Personhood Amendment organizers. "Personhood has changed the abortion debate. Now we are asking, ‘When does human life begin?’ The opposition can not and will not answer this question, but we can. And when we answer that question, we win."

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